Amazon Prime Day 2020 is still a few months away, but if 2019 is any indication, you can get a head start on what might be coming on sale with the links below.  Deals are right around the corner.

Prime Day 2020 is when Amazon has sales on more than a million items that are exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers.

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This is a perfect opportunity to stock up on all your travel essentials, find the perfect travel gifts for her, the best travel gifts for him, and splurge on other travel related-items for you. You’ll find lots of deals on travel gadgets, on travel wardrobe, on music, videos and loads of other items that you may use on your travels.

This sale should be in the middle of July 2020, and only lasts for only 48 hours. Once you sign up for Amazon Prime, you’ll be sent flash announcements during the sale days on things that are further discounted. You could be shopping for 2 days straight!

You have to sign up Amazon Prime first, but it doesn’t really matter where you sign up. I have American followers in Italy and France who prefer to use their US accounts. Oftentimes, they’ll sign up for the UK Amazon because it’s closer and in English. It doesn’t really matter. Your sign up will work wherever you are.

This is the best opportunity to stock up on travel gifts for travel lovers or yourself during the summer.

Check the articles below for travel gift inspiration.

You’ll find travel gifts for someone traveling abroad, Travel gifts for someone going traveling, Great authentic gifts from Italy for the Italian lover, and more. Scour these first so you have a list prepared.

Amazon Prime Day Deals come around only once a year, so take advantage of these amazing savings!

Happy shopping!