Welcome to Life on the Mediterranean, or Life on the Med for short. You are in the right place if you are looking for travel inspiration about all things surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. 

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While writing my original blog, Moe’s Atlas, I realised many of my posts focus on the stunning Mediterranean. Clearly I love it; so much so, the Mediterranean is my second home. I managed to buy a place in the south of France where the Mediterranean Sea is literally a 4-minute walk away. It wasn’t an easy feat, but you can read my article on how I eventually came to live on the Mediterranean

My first taste of life on the Mediterranean was when I studied abroad in Bologna, Italy for a year when I was 20.  Within a week, someone from our group discovered the beach in Rimini was only an hour away. So, six of us piled onto the train and spent a weekend frolicking seaside. It was heaven, and the start of my love affair – with Italy and the Mediterranean. There is more information about how I developed such a desire to call this area my home here.

I decided to create Life On The Mediterranean with the hope of inspiring and encouraging you to travel this region, and experience what I love about the countries and cultures that touch this magical sea.

Life on the Mediterranean provides travel tips and informative guides of things to see and do. It also highlights events, travel hacks, topics on the Mediterranean diet, personal impressions, suggested accommodation and tips for finding affordable luxury.

Did you know that 21 countries touch the Mediterranean? While I’ve visited nearly 50 countries worldwide, I’ve only visited 10 islands along the Mediterranean. I have a bit of travel to do, and hope you will join me on my journeys!

The Mediterranean is not merely a sea, but a lifestyle ~

A bit of history… 

As former Marketing Communications Manager for Hyatt Hotels CorporationI grew to know hotels. Good hospitality and customer service are paramount! I’ve published reviews on new properties here and here on Moe’s Atlas, to encourage bookings and build brand recognition. I’m happy to work with hotels of all categories.

As Director at the Blackstone Group in the UK, I worked with developers and architects to create luxury student housing. Weird, I know. With 2500 beds in central London, operations, marketing and revenue management were paramount. We were responsible for generating more than $35M in rental revenue each year! No small feat. It also taught me how I could take my hotel experience and transfer it to the student housing market. I am, and always will be, a big promoter of international education. 

Life On The Mediterranean will eventually host a shop selling products from local retailers attached to the Mediterranean to expose their brands. I will also include links in my posts about products or services that I believe you should try. I only promote things I’ve tried or believe it. If you are a looking to promote your products or business, get in touch and we can discuss how to collaborate.