Online shopping for travel items

Amazon Prime Day Deals on Travel Items

Online shopping for travel items

Amazon Prime Day Deals on travel items are right around the corner

Score big on all the travel items you’ve been holding off buying. And even if you are buying outside of Amazon’s Prime time you can still get great deals.

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What are Amazon Prime Day Deals?

This is when Amazon slashes prices on more than a million items that are exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers. It’s a global shopping event, and there will be a lot of Amazon Prime Day Deals on travel items, as well.

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When are Amazon Prime Days

This sale is on October 13 and 14, 2020 only, and it goes for only 48 hours. Once you sign up, you’ll be sent emails during the sale days with additional items that are further discounted. Wow! Shopping for 2 days straight!

You have to sign up  with Amazon Prime first, and those of you in the US can sign up for a 30-day free trial here or click the box below  if you just want to get the deals. You can also give the gift of Amazon Prime to someone else.

Those of you in the United Kingdom, please use this link to sign up to get your 30-day free trial to Amazon Prime.

This is a prime opportunity to stock up on travel gifts during the summer – pun intended. Or you could be searching for the best gifts for someone traveling abroad.


What kinds of Amazon Prime Day Deals on travel items will you find?

This is a perfect chance to stock up on all your travel essentials. But you can also use this list below to shop anytime you need new travel items. The discounts are fantastic during Amazon Prime Days, but you’ll still get the best prices here.


Let’s start with luggage first.

  • You could replace that worn out suitcase with one of these fancy styles. Now-a-days they have 4 wheels that actually work and the newer suitcases are much easier to navigate than the older models.
  • Or how about a new travel duffel like this one that is also eligible for Prime. It’s a great, durable over-the-shoulder variety. The other nice thing with this one is there’s a separate side compartment for shoes to keep them separated from clothing.
  • Amazon has a great selection of brand name and their own brand of carry on luggage. You’ll save $11 alone on this bag by signing up for Amazon Prime. I’m the queen of packing carry on luggage.
  • The outdoor traveler will appreciate backpacks, like this one that’s eligible for Prime as well. Many backpacks are so versatile. So many compartments and useful pockets. You can really pack a lot into these backpacks.

Check out all the Amazon Prime deals on Luggage here

Beach Accessories

There are so many items for the beach you can pick up, such as:

  • A travel Beach Blanket that’s compact and soft. Also look for one that repels sand. There’s nothing worse than bringing 1/2 of the beach back with you.
  • Even a pop up Beach Cabana to shelter you from the wind or sun is a great idea. Great for eating your picnic in there from your insulated picnic basket. Or good to take a rest from the pounding sun.
  • For the sea, you’ll find Goggles and fins, or this very cool full-face snorkel mask that are all the rage right now.
  • You’ll want a lightweight Microfiber beach towel that dries off quickly and takes up little space in your large and roomy beach bag.
  • It’s always a good idea to have a portable travel medical kit, for emergencies. I always leave my kit in my suitcase. That way I never need to find it. If you don’t buy a medical kit, create your own. I always have band-aids, make-up pads that can be used for gauze, waterproof tape, small tube of anti-bacterial ointment, aspirins, and cold remedy tablets or powder I dissolve in water. While this might be strange to some, I put organic apple cider vinegar in a leak-proof container. If I have issues with upset stomach or Montezuma’s revenge, a few tablespoons of vinegar with 1/2 glass of water will usually kill any bacteria.
  • And you’ll want a waterproof underwater camera/video recorder to record the amazing beach views you’ll experience.

Amazon Prime Day Deals on Travel Items


Because who wants to go to the beach with suits you bought 5 years ago?

  • You are going to want these mens beach trunks, and maybe this stylish beach cover up. There are so many cute styles, I may even buy a couple of cover ups.
  • In Nice, our beaches are rocky, and you can’t easily walk on the stones without a decent pair of sandals or cushy flip flops. And aqua socks are a must if you have delicate feet, like I do. I seriously cannot get in or out of the water if I’m not wearing these. My feet dig into the rock and I do not get a foot hold.
  • The sun is scorching hot right now and you really should have a beach hat and have a good set of polarized sunglasses with 100% UV block. You can even get sunscreen through Amazon Prime.

Shop for Amazon Prime Beachwear here

Packing Organizers

We all could use some help getting organized. These are perfect travel items to keep everything tidy and in one spot.

  • Everybody and their brother is buying these packing cubes that they swear by. And these compression packing bags are a new travel item I’ve not seen before. These space saving compression bags are also a hit. You should have spares of these in your bag for when you are coming back from vacation.  Inevitably, you will have bought stuff on vacation that you need to shove into your suitcase.
  • You’ll need some leakproof plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. And these silicone ones are great to squeeze every last drop out of the bottle, unlike typical hard plastic bottles that are just crap to use, and you can’t get everything out.
  • A mens toiletries bag or a hanging makeup carrier will keep all your bathroom needs in one place, and this jewelry roll is perfect for holding your rings, necklaces and earrings. In your toiletries bag, you’ll want space for your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, cotton swabs, shampoo, conditioner, gel or mousse, nail clipper, brush and multi-function face/hair/body oil like Nuxe here. I swear by Nuxe. It’s a dry oil that is great for taming wild hair, men and women can use it, and also a great moisturizer when you get out of the shower. It’s light enough to use on your face but really nourishes your skin.

Amazon Prime offers tons of Packing Organizers here

Travel Size Travel Items

We women travel with a lot of travel items and the smaller the better. I’m a big fan of travel-sized anything.

Besides travel-sized toothpaste, my go-to travel-sized travel items are:

  • Jo Malone perfume set – 1 oz. This is a London brand and I love their unisex scents. My favorite is Pomegranate Noir.
  • Tresemme hairspray – in kick-ass 4* hold. I do not want my hair to move and this hairspray provides a strong hold.
  • Face and hand wipes – because you will always need to wipe off the airplane tray table, the train table, a toilet seat, a coffee table, and perhaps some person’s kid next to you. Get the disinfectant wipes. I’m addicted to these.
  • Aveda Shampoo/Conditioner – I’m a big fan of Aveda. Their quality is excellent and their products smell nice. While they are not large containers, they are good for a week-long journey.
  • If I’m staying in an apartment, I throw these laundry detergent packs in my suitcase. Bundle up your lingerie and light tops for a quick clean. They are a life saver if you plan to be on the road for a bit of time.

Amazon Prime Day Deals on Travel Items

There are so many travel sized toiletries here

Cameras and Video Equipment

You can get massive discounts in this department, and it’s a great time to splurge on that camera or drone you’ve been talking about.

Search for all your camera and video recorders here on Amazon Prime

Tech Travel Items

Tech is another department that will have massive savings.

See all Amazon Prime Tech Travel items here

See? There will be so many Amazon Prime Day Deals on travel items, you won’t know where to start. Happy Shopping!


Amazon Prime Days Deals on travel items

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17 thought on “Amazon Prime Day Deals on Travel Items”

  1. The deal got me at beach blanket, beach wear, and beach cabana. I am heading to the Gulf of Thailands soon and I really need to buy these. I wasn’t aware of the Prime deals on Amazon until I bumped here. It is so cool to realize that I can save some bucks on my online travel shopping now.

  2. I am off to buy some packing equipment. It is the last Prime day today and I completely forgot about this item. Your post is timely as there are some good deals on packing cubes and knapsacks. Let me check on the camera stuff too…need some new lens.

  3. Wow. I didn’t know about this great offer and the 2 special days. I’m a amazon prime member yet was oblivious must say but thanks to your post will get on it straight away. My wife’s big day is around the corner and her favourite is Jo Malone so will try and get that if I’m lucky. Need some summer stuff as well. Thanks for a great timely post.

    1. There are a lot of Amazon users who are not familiar with Prime Days. Yep, 2 days only, and your wife has good taste in perfume. I love Jo Malone also. My favorite is Pomegranate Noir. Woodsy scent. Happy shopping! And thanks for your comment.

  4. So, apparently, I’m the last to hear about Amazon Prime Days LOL. Thank you for enlightening me, because there are a lot of travel items on your list that I can use (and am happy to pay less for). For instance, those 5-year-old bathing suits? You’re absolutely right…they gotta go! Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Wow. I love Amazon prime sales. The offers are too good. I usually line up my cart and wait for the sale to buy. Checking out the sale right away.

  6. So many great bargains in those 2 days. As full time travellers we can honestly say the best things we have purchased from Amazon for our travels in the last year is packing cubes. They have made our life so much simpler as we travel the world with a carry on and a day pack for our technology. Our packing is so much quicker. There are so many things that I would love! A shoppers dream.

    1. I hear so many people swearing by the cube. I just feel like I need every square inch of my case, so I haven’t bought them yet, but they are on my list. Thx!

  7. Very interesting. I use Amazon quite frequently but I had not heard of this before. Does it apply in the U.S. also, or just in Europe? Right now I think I have everything I need but you never know what you might find, so maybe I will check it out.

  8. This is my first year with Prime and I’m super excited for Prime Day — these are great deals! I love the duffel with the compartment for shoes it is so convenient. I love my packing cubes so maybe I should try some compression ones. But the drone is really tempting too! I love the overhead shots people can get with them. Great finds!

    1. Thanks Summer, Me too. I’m holding off on ordering items and gathering them up for sales days, but they give extra special discounts if you are a prime member above and beyond the discounts everyone will get. Thanks!

  9. Never know there is such a deal! Thanks for sharing the tips. Is it available everyday? Or just a few days in a year?

    1. Hi Mijia, This sale goes only 2 days – every year around this same time. It’s a great idea to gather up all the shopping you want to do on Amazon and do it during these 2 days to get extra special discounts as an Amazon Prime member. Other discount days are later in the year, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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