Authentic Italian Gifts from Italy


What it is about Italy? Whenever I bring back gifts from Italy, my friends are over the moon. And since I live on the Italian border, it’s easy for me to know what are the best gifts to get from Italy. But I take for granted that not everyone can simply pop over the border to pick up cool gifts from Italy.

There is so much about genuine Italian gifts that inspires people, whether it’s Italian fashions like leather or jewelry from Florence, simple Italian cooking gifts you find in Italian kitchens, or even a voucher toward a Mediterranean cruise that stops in Italy – you name it.

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As soon as I say I have a gift from Italy, their faces lights up. And if you’ve ever traveled to Italy and hit any one of their markets, like the ones I’ve mentioned in Liguria, you know there are things you wished you would have brought back, but simply forgot.

I’m good at buying gifts from Italy. Really good! Shopping for Italian themed gifts has to be one of the easiest ways to ensure I’ve found a fantastic gift. Here are more than 20 of the best gifts from Italy for friends who love Italy that are sure to please.

These are not cheap replicas. All the authentic Italian gifts from Italy listed below are MADE IN ITALY. They are the real deal. Sometimes there are not many of them, but they are authentic Italian gifts from Italy. Bookmark this page when you are struggling with gifts from Italy ideas.