20 Best Gifts for Someone Traveling Abroad


I don’t know how many times I get asked what are the best gifts for someone traveling abroad. Maybe it’s because I live abroad, and often suggestions for great travel gifts roll off my tongue. Or maybe it’s because I worked in study abroad and international student housing for 15 years that gives me some credibility.

But then it got me thinking that there are some differences between someone traveling domestically versus someone traveling abroad. And it really doesn’t matter if you are a mature traveler or a student going on an international study abroad program. Safety, convenience and connectivity are important factors when traveling abroad. Not that you don’t think about this domestically, but the newness of traveling someplace foreign or exotic might make you forget simple things, or let your guard down when you shouldn’t.

Here are 20 of the best gifts for someone traveling abroad for you to consider. Most of these are my go-to items for when I travel and these are super travel items for a student heading abroad as well. And there’s one free one at the end.

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Universal Travel Power Adapter

These are not expensive, so get two. I’m constantly going back and forth between the UK and France, and I don’t leave home without this.

This is probably single-handedly one of the best gifts for someone traveling abroad. Plus this great travel adapter has 4 USB ports so it’s great for plugging in your phones, tablets as well as your computer, simultaneously.

Read the reviews and buy this power universal travel power adapter here



Travel Wallet and Family Passport Holder

This are great gifts for couples or families traveling abroad. You can keep all your passports, credit cards and tickets in one place and it has Rfid blocking built in so that your card details cannot be copied without your knowledge.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen couples arguing at the airport because someone can’t find their boarding pass or passport at the bottom of their ‘big-ass’ purse when they get to the check in counter. You’ve only had months to get prepared for this moment! Do us all a favor and get one of these.

Check out this Travel wallet and others here



Boingo International WiFi Access

This is a great gift for someone traveling abroad, so they don’t have to scramble for internet access wherever they go. Boingo has more than a million WiFi spots throughout the world. My niece could have used this when she was here several years ago traveling throughout the Mediterranean.

It’s simple to sign up and you’ll be sure to find access in airports, train stations, hotels and other shops and restaurants around. You can also sign up through your American Express card or MasterCard, so it’s well worth checking out. Click the link above for more information.



Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow

These foam pillows are a super gift for someone traveling abroad who will be on planes, trains and buses for long periods. I have a few of these and it makes air and train travel so much better. They give proper support and you can use them frontwards or backwards. It’s the perfect travel gift for an international traveler.



Inateck 40L Carry on Travel Backpack

These large capacity backpacks are perfect for a week-long trip or simply a weekend. It functions as a weekend bag and has very convenient backpack straps for easy carrying.

It’s also a cool travel gift for someone going abroad to supplement their larger suitcase. Otherwise, it’s a great travel gift for someone traveling abroad for a long weekend.

Check reviews and prices here on this large backpack



AyeGear Vest with 26 Pockets

These vests are a great travel present for keeping everything important on your body at all times. iPad, phone, wallet, tickets all go inside. Plus it makes it super easy going through airport security because you just take off your vest and put it in a screening tray.

No more fumbling around your backpack to get every last electronic devise out and into the tray.

It’s a perfect gift for someone traveling abroad because you can carry all your items with you. You don’t have to leave important things in the hotel room while you are out touring. It comes in black and pink.

Order your multi purpose travel vest here



BaByliss Pro Dual Voltage Travel Hairdryer

Please do us all a favor and bring a dual voltage hairdryer. Or plan to use one of the frequently substandard ones at the hotel.

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen students in my dorms fry their US hairdryers because they are shoving 220 volts into a 110 volt machine… Your hair will not be the only thing fried, and you run the risk of causing danger to yourself and others.

These hairdryers are perfect travel gifts for the frequent international traveler as they are heavy duty, dual volt and fold up for easy transport. If you can deal with a hotel hairdryer, then great. But I can’t as they aren’t hot enough to straighten my hair so I need a bad boy like this one.

Buy this BaBliss Pro hairdryer here



Hypath 2-in-1 Convertible Travel Bag

These are the best bags ever. Zip them together and you have one bag, or separate them into two backpacks. These are great travel gifts when you want to carry one pack with you for the day and leave the other back at the hotel.

The main bag comes with a handle and is fitted with wheels. You can easily do an extended voyage with these as there’s a lot of room to pack stuff. This is the perfect travel gift for a student going abroad because it’s so multi purpose.

Read about this convertible travel bag here



Silicone Refillable Travel Containers

These are useful travel presents for someone traveling abroad because you can easily carry all your liquids in leak-proof, TSA approved carriers.

The silicone is ultra pliable so you can get every last drop of shampoo, conditioner.. whatever out! And they are reusable.

Check these and other silicone travel containers here================


Mint Mobile Wireless Plan

Great way to stay in touch with family and friends is to get a wireless plan that allows calls and Wi-Fi. Mint Mobile have plans for unlimited talk and text, with 3, 8 and 12GB of data, and they are not all that expensive.

It’s a thoughtful travel gift to buy someone traveling abroad. With that much data, they are even good for travel bloggers.

Check out the various Mint Mobile plans and choose the best for you. 



Eastpak Luggage

I love Eastpak luggage not only because it’s a super brand of durable luggage, but because they come in a variety of funky colors. You can easily recognize your bag coming off the conveyor belt, and easily spot it when it’s lumped in with other luggage. And these are perfect for someone traveling abroad specifically for this reason. Especially for a first time traveler abroad. Everything is new and different. The last think you want to worry about is whether that suitcase is yours.

Another good thing about Eastpak luggage is that you can get carry-ons, large suitcases and even backpacks in the same design. I have a 4-set of Eastpak suitcases that I’ve had for years. They are virtually indestructible.

This is a great carry-on that also comes in a larger sizes, too.

Check out all the varies of Eastpak Luggage here



Personal GPS Tracker

I convinced a friend to buy this just the other day… why? Because he arrived in the Ukraine and his bag did not!

Never lose your items again. Put this personal GPS Tracker in your suitcase or backpack and if you can’t find it, the app on your phone will locate it for you.

You may discover your bag is stuck in Paris when it should be with you in Nice. You can attach this to any item you want to keep track of, like your rental car, a local city bike (would be great in Holland where all the bikes looks similar!) or anything of value.

Read the reviews and choose your personal GPS tracker here



Packing Cubes

Everyone swears by these travel packing cubes to keep items organized in your suitcase. Keep your socks, undies, shirts all organized and easy to access with these organizers.

They are lightweight and durable and are also great for students staying in a youth hostel where you don’t want to put items in a drawer or on the floor. It’s a perfect unisex travel gift and they come in many colors.

Find your travel packing cubes here



Travelon Luggage Anti-Theft Cross-Body

These anti-theft cross body bags are great for someone traveling abroad because it keeps everything safe. The body and strap are both slash resistant and they have RFID blocking compartments.

Keep your credit and cards safe as well as your passport with one of these. And they come in numerous colors. This is a great travel present for her.

Get the Travelon anti-theft bag here



Shower Sandals Slippers

There’s nothing worse that walking into the bathroom on a long haul flight and there’s water, or God knows what, on the floor. It just skeeves me out. Get a pair of these and keep them in your backpack.

They are also great for using in the shower of a dodgy hotel or campground. You can use these in the gym and at the beach. They have holes so they quickly dry out and they’re easy to clean.

This is another perfect gift for a student traveling abroad who will be spending time in student hostels. You can never be sure of the cleanliness of the floors of the room or the shower, so get these.

Buy these great shower sandals here



Double-Layer Travel Cable Organizer

What a great way to keep all your travel cords and travel accessories organized. You can slot in all your charging cables, your phone and your Kindle or iPad Mini. Plus there are places to put SIMs and SD Cards.

These are great unisex travel gifts for someone traveling abroad. And they are perfect for today’s student who travels with a lot of electronic gear. You can keep it all together.

Check out this double layer travel cable organizer here



Toiletry Bag/Cosmetic Case

This is an efficient way to keep all your toiletries in one place. This travel toiletry bag comes in waterproof material, which is really handy when it may be sitting on a slightly wet sink area for a short time.

Drop in your toothpaste and brush, razors, shampoo and medicine and they’re all in one place. There’s a clear plastic compartment, a mesh compartment, plus some elasticized compartments.

It easily hangs on a hook in the bathroom. It comes in multiple colors and is a great unisex travel gift.

Check out this cosmetic bag here



12PCS Travel Shoe Bags

What a brilliant way to keep your shoes organized and to keep them away from your clothes. I love these. There’s nothing worse than having the dirty soles of your shoes on top of your clothes. I always use these. And they could also be used to store dirty clothes as well. They are a great multi purpose travel item.

The material is soft and they come with a drawstring close. Very handy for the frequent international traveler who travels with a lot of shoes.

See the different varieties of travel shoe bags here



Space Saver Travel Bags for Clothes

What a brilliant space saver this is. This is a great gift, actually, for when you are returning from your international trip, because you undoubtedly will have bought some extra items and you need more space.

Drop your shirts into these and literally roll the air out of them. These are great waterproof, bug proof, compression travel bags. And you don’t need a vacuum to suck the air out. And it’s another great gift for the traveler going to remote locations where bugs and humidity are a problem.

See the reviews on these and other space saving travel bags here



Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack

These super lightweight backpacks are a perfect day pack for when you want to go sightseeing and don’t want to take a larger, heavier pack. It’s made of water and tear resistant nylon material and it folds up into a little pouch.

Easy to pack into your suitcase or purse, and have it handy when you need it. Heck, it’s great for going grocery shopping for that impromptu picnic on the beach you want to do.

Buy these ultra light backpacks here



DuoLingo Language Learning

Here’s a freebie for you. DuoLingo is a great, online resource for learning a language. Depending on where your traveler is going, this may be a welcomed ‘Free’ travel gift for someone going abroad. It’s always a good idea to have at least a few phrases under your belt so you can say good morning, please, thank you, where’s the bathroom… You get my drift. Any rate, it’s free and travelers swear by it.

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