Aerial of Split Croatia
Life On The Mediterranean CROATIA,TRAVEL What to do in Split Croatia | 3-Day Itinerary

What to do in Split Croatia | 3-Day Itinerary

Aerial of Split Croatia

If you’re wondering what to do in Split Croatia, this 3-Day itinerary will give you a great plan of things to do in Split before heading out to discover the beaches on the best islands in Croatia.

Split is Croatia’s second largest city, next to the capital, Zagreb. It hugs the Adriatic Sea coast, and is the gateway to the beautiful, Dalmatian Islands.

She was once a Greek settlement founded around the 3rd century BC. Then she became controlled by the Romans with the arrival of Emperor Diocletian. Her Roman past is evident in the architecture you still see today, namely the fortress/palace built for Emperor Diocletian himself. But what should you see in Split Croatia if you have just 3 days?

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Split Croatia Cathedral Steeple - what to do in split croatia

Samantha from Sam Sees World, put together this fab 3-day itinerary to give us her insider information on the best things to do in Split Croatia in 3 days.

Three Day Split Itinerary

Split, Croatia is one of the most magical cities in Europe. It is packed with a rich history, charming streets, and beautiful buildings filled with character. The city of Split is so beautiful that it is very easy to get lost in. Split is not only beautiful, but it is also fun and exciting, and there is so much to do and see!  Every year, Split becomes a more popular tourist destination and it is very easy to see why!

With only three days to explore Split, it is imperative to have a strong plan in place to make sure you see and do everything the city has to offer. From the historic buildings to the stunning Split beaches, to the beautiful Old Town, Split has it all. There is nothing worse than leaving a city and realizing you didn’t see everything you wanted to!

What to do in Split Croatia - hit the beach

One of Croatia’s lovely, popular beaches

Therefore, this three-day itinerary is packed with activities to make the most of every second you have in the city. Mind you, it is merely a suggestion! You can alter this itinerary to whatever best suits your needs. Split is so beautiful and magical, that even just sitting on the promenade would be enough.

Split Itinerary Day 1

Activity #1: Take a Walking Tour 

The best way to start your journey in Split is by joining one of the many walking tours of Diocletian’s Palace and the Old Town. These two areas of Split date back to the 4thcentury and were home to a Roman Emperor! Both are extremely well preserved and absolutely stunning! The walking tour will take you through the maze of streets in The Old Town and through the remains of the Palace.

The Palace in Split Croatia

The Palace in Split Croatia ©Samantha Karen

The best part about the tour is that you get information about the rich and interesting history of each place and how they were preserved through all these years. It is always a good idea to leave any travel destination with some new knowledge and appreciation of the history it holds.

The walking tour may be enough for you, but if you love history and immersing yourself in a city like myself, you may want to do some more independent exploring afterward! For example, you may want to climb the Bell Tower or explore the Palace basement for a more in-depth tour, led by yourself.

Cobblestone street in Split Croatia

Activity #2: Walk the Riva

After some very in-depth exploration of Split’s history, it is time to emerge from the old stone buildings and onto the stunning Split promenade. This is located right along the water and is lined with palms trees on one side and tasty restaurants on the other. The cobbled streets and ancient buildings make for a very enjoyable walk. This is a great time to grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants along the way! Many have outdoor patios and serve fresh local seafood. A late lunch here with a view of the sea on one side and the ancient stone walls on the other will lead to memories you will not soon forget.

The Riva in Split - 3 day Itinerary

The Riva in Split Croatia ©Samantha Karen

Activity #3: Market Shopping

A great way to learn more about the culture and traditions of a city is by heading to the local markets and seeing what they are serving and offering! There are a ton of great markets in Split that are packed with local flavors, souvenirs, clothing, and flowers! The two markets I suggest you head to are the Green Market and the Fish Market.

Market in Split

Market in Split

Spending some time to watch Croatian locals interact and communicate with each other will teach you about the local environment. It is also a great idea to pick up some of the local ingredients to make a really special dinner! Incorporating local tastes into your meal is a nice way to experience Split and to save some money!

Split Itinerary Day 2

Activity #1: See Split from Above

Start your day off with a long walk up Marjan Hill to get one of the best views of the city. From the top of the hill, you will get a stunning view of not only Split, but also an extended view of the Croatian coastline. The staircase is just a block from the Split waterfront and will guide you all the way to the top! Make sure you do this walk either in the morning or evening. Split gets very hot during the day so it’s best to do it when there is no direct sunlight.

What to do in Split Croatia - See the views from Marjan Hill

The views from Marjan Hill ©Samantha Karen

Be sure to bring your camera on this walk because the vivid blue waters and orange topped houses and just crying out to be photographed! Take a moment at the top of this hike to take in the beautiful city of Split and all it has to offer.

Activity #2: Relax at a Beach

Splits location along the coast has resulted in many beaches being available. This is great news because Split is hot.Therefore, the best thing to do in the afternoon is to hang out on the beach so you can easily cool off the in clear blue waters. The beaches of Split range from party beaches to relaxing beaches to family beaches! There is a beach day to fit every travelers’ desires.

two women at Bacvice Beach

Bacvice Beach ©Samantha Karen

My favorite beach is Bacvice Beach. It is located right in Split, so you don’t need to travel any distance to get it to and it is stunning! The water is clear and cold, and there are plenty of places to lay out in the sun. The best part about this beach for me was the music! They had a few DJ’s set up along the beach that were playing music which made the atmosphere that much more enjoyable for me!

If you want to take to the waters and have more time to spend in Croatia, you could arrange a Split to Dubrovnik cruise with Sail Croatia. These 7-day, island-hopping sightseeing cruises are the perfect way to enjoy the stunning landscapes, crystal blue waters and distinct islands of Croatia. Boats depart from Split and Dubrovnik, and you’ll enjoy a comfortable ensuite, air-conditioned room with all meals included. There’s a tour manager, optional excursions, daily swim stops and WiFi to keep you connected.

MS Salve Di Mare Main Deck

The cruiser MS Salve di Mare. ©Sail Croatia

Activity #3: Split Nightlife

Split has a great nightlife scene during the summer months. There are quite a few bars and clubs that are always packed with people! Try wandering around the Old Town looking for bars. There are a bunch down hidden alleyways tucked inside tiny stone buildings. Or head to the promenade and get a drink at one of the many restaurants while overlooking the water. The drinks in the Old Town are cheaper than the ones on the promenade.

cafe at night in Split Croatia

Split by night

After a few drinks, you can even venture to one of the many clubs in the city such as Central Club or Lvxor. Here you can dance the night away while listening to good music. But make sure you don’t drink too much, you need to feel nice and rested for the adventures of tomorrow.

Split Itinerary Day 3

Activity #1: Go on a Day Trip

One of the best things about Split is its location. It is surrounded by beautiful cities, parks, and islands that make for amazing day trips! Some great options are:

  • Hvar
  • Blue Cave
  • Vis
  • Ravnik

But the one that I suggest you go to if you only have 3 days is Krka National Park. This is probably one of the most famous and popular areas to go to in Croatia based on its stunning natural beauty. This park holds the Krka waterfalls for visitors to swim in and the huge national park available for hiking and exploring.

Krka falls in Split Croatia

Krka Falls during the low season ©Samantha Karen

Heading here will take up almost a full day of your visit to Split, but it is worth it. The waterfalls are beautiful and unlike anything else you will see on your visit. You have to take a bus to get to the national park and then pay €30 ($34) for the boat to bring you to the waterfalls.

If you are an adventurous traveler, you are also able to hike the whole national park. I have never done this, but I have heard it is stunning.

Note: This is a major tourist attraction in Split, therefore, it is absolutely packed. It was almost a little bit too busy for my liking, but the beauty outweighed this negative.

Krka Waterfalls with lots of people in high season.

Krka Waterfalls in high season. ©Samantha Karen

Activity #2: Dinner in the Old Town

After a long day away at Krka you will be very hungry. So, a nice meal in the Old Town to refuel and celebrate your three-day adventure is needed. There are a ton of restaurants in the old town, with something to meet everyone’s desires, but I have to give a shout out to my absolute favorite restaurant in Split: Bepa!

Split Old Town

Split Old Town

Bepa is a healthy, unique, delicious restaurant located in an open square within the stone wall confines. The atmosphere feels like you are in a movie, the food is to die for, and the drinks are delicious! I went to the restaurant 3 times while I was in Split. I was almost a regular.

When to visit Split

The best time to visit Split depends on your travel preferences. The summer months (high season) are packed with tourists but that is when all the tours are most easily available and when the city is most alive. While in the other months (low season) there are significantly fewer tourists, but the city isn’t as alive as during the summer. If you prefer fewer people around and don’t mind when there are a few restaurants closed and fewer tours running, then the offseason is probably best for you!

Split Waterfront

Harbor front ©Samantha Karen

Where to stay in Split – Check out Split Hotels here.


Samantha Karen is the founder of the travel bog Sam Sees World. She is a millennial traveler on a mission to seek the new and unknown so she can document her experiences and inspire others to travel this wondrous world.

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