Great Travel Gifts for Travel Lovers 2019


Unique Gifts for Travel Lovers

I love buying travel gifts for people. With so many options to choose from, there are some wonderful travel-related gifts out there to fit everyone’s budget. You get to an age where you don’t need any more sweaters, blenders or dust collectors, but I am seeing more and more people splurging on travel gifts for travel lovers.

I usually splurge on some travel-related gift for myself that gives me something to look forward to. This year, I bought a 3-night stay in a hotel somewhere in Italy, so I need to choose the destination and plan my trip. It’s a lot of fun and I learn a lot about the different destinations I am considering.

If you want the best travel gifts for someone going traveling, or gifts for people who love to travel, check out the options below. And most everyone I know loves to travel, so this is a list I will refer to throughout the year.

If you time your shopping just right, you can get some amazing sales on unique gifts and accessories for travel lovers. Why not get an airline voucher, gift certificate or travel present?

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Below is my selection of travel gifts for travel lovers, and I chose them because they are all things I would appreciate! Check out these great travel gift ideas and you’ll soon make the travel lover in your life ecstatic. 

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Click the links below to be taken to each section. While this may say it’s a great travel gift for men or woman, many of these items are actually unisex travel gifts.







Here are some great travel-themed gifts.

ECEEN Solar Backpack with a detachable solar panel. This is a great weekend bag to tuck in enough clothes, your computer, tablet, phone and more. And a perfect way to keep everything charged up. I love this because it’s ultra light and made of rip-resistant material. This is a great gift for someone going traveling since it’s rugged and useful.

Check out the Solar Backpack here!



Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Cancelling Headphones with Alexa Great for having silence just when you need it and crystal clear sound. It’s Alexa enabled and has dual microphones for sound and voice pickup. It’s a super travel gift for the traveling man who flies long-haul often.



VSSL Flask with a flashlight. Who wouldn’t want a little nip in the dark?  And what a great gift for a hunter or outdoor lover. You can carry 10 oz of liquid and the flashlight burns for 40 hours! That ought to get you through the week!



Aqua Lung Wrist Watch Dive Computer This highly-rated watch monitors gas time remaining and dive memory. What a classy looking dive watch and one that keeps you on top of your dive time! It’s the perfect travel gift for men who love beach holidays.

Check the Aqua Lung Wrist Watch prices here!



Bang & Olufsen Portable Speaker This would be a great gift for my someone going traveling who also loves their music. Loads of bass, fits in your pocket, and what a classy design!



Millican Duffle Bag   What a fantastic bag at 28L that you can easily fit overhead while traveling on planes. It’s great for extended travel, has removable backpack straps, is very durable and Millican is an excellent-quality company. This is a classy, unique gift for the travel lover.



Anker Power Core This very popular portable power bank will keep your phones, tablets and computers charged for hours. It’s a must have gift for the frequent traveler.



GoPro HERO7 Black The latest in the Hero models of GoPros, the GoPro Hero is great for underwater photography and live streaming for social media sharing. It is super stabilized, does time lapse and works via voice control. These are one of the best travel gifts for travelers who love to capture their trip via video or photo.



DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone with Camera This is a top of the market quadcopter with a HD Camera. Great for aerial videos. View live images up to 1/2 mile away. Around 23 minutes of fly time. I’ve raved about the best portable drones before and created a post about them. It’s a unique travel gift for someone who loves photography and would like to take it to a different level.

Get your DJI Drone here!



BACtrack BreathalyzerThis highly rated breathalyzer is police-grade technology. It’s trusted by law enforcement and hospitals. Very handy in detecting how long alcohol stays in your system. Just don’t let the batteries go dead! I know a few friends who attend the Smooth Jazz Festivals who could use one of these. It’s a unique travel gift for travel lovers who enjoy a beverage or two!



Optical lens for smartphones and tablets What a great way to turn your iPhone or Smartphone into a DSLR Camera. Comes with fisheye, telephoto, macro and zoom lenses. So compact and great for the frequent traveler who loves to take photos with their phone. This is a great travel gift for someone who loves to take photos, but doesn’t want to take a DSLR camera with them.



GlocalMe G3 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot This Number 1 best seller allows you to access internet in more than 100 countries without a local sim card. Enjoy surfing, movies and music, and it can connect up to 5 devices. GlocalMe comes with phone credit and a variety of data plans based on how you use it. This is a great gift for the frequent traveler who travels to remote destinations. 



RFID Blocking Leather Passport Holder This RFID wallet keeps your credit cards and passport secure while traveling. It has RFID blocking so your cards won’t get cloned. It’s very classy in leather.  This is a great travel gift for friends traveling to ‘iffy’ locations where they could use the extra security. These come in all sorts of styles and are a really thoughtful, cheap travel gift. 



Tateossian Cufflinks  I love Tateossian’s stuff. I used to buy from them down the street from home in London. They have some great, classy, travel-themes gifts for the frequent flyer, sailor and traveler. Check out their options. I bought these for a friend, and they are a real eye catcher.

See the Tateossian Cufflinks here!



Hawaiian Shirts Get your ‘happy’ on with one of these fun shirts. It’s a super travel gift for any traveling man. I know a few guys who’d love to get a Hawaiian shirt. Look smart or snazzy on your next trip and you don’t even have to be going to Hawaii.

Shop for cool Hawaiian Shirts here!



Clearly it’s easier to shop for thoughtful gifts for female travelers because there are so many bags and accessories. Here’s a pretty good list of travel gifts for women to start with.

Underwater Dive Watch that goes to 600 Ft 

What a beautiful travel present for the female diver in your life. Great for any water activity like paddle boarding and swimming. Plus it’s a new, fab designer-style watch! 



Tumi Womens Voyageur Carson – Calais BackpackTumi is a great name in luggage and bags, and you know how I love my backpacks. This sweet piece is a perfect travel gift for business or leisure. Great for your laptop, phone and documents, and you can use it as a overnight bag if you are organized well enough. You can’t go wrong with a Tumi and it’s the perfect travel gift for her. 



Cruise Gift Certificates

Why not give the gift of travel? There are so many great cruise options around the world and who wouldn’t love a Mediterranean or Caribbean Cruise? Pick the value of your gift certificate here and your travel junkie will love you!

Get your Cruise Gift Certificates here!



Door Stop Security Alarm These are great travel gifts for women. They are lightweight and come in handy while traveling. Feel safer while staying in hotels with this door stopper that will screech at ear-splitting levels if someone tries to enter your room. Will also scare the daylights out of hotel staff if they happen to enter your room when you have the, ‘Do Not Disturb,’ sign on the door. I seriously could have used this in a hotel on Lago Maggiore that refused to respect my privacy. What a super thoughtful gift for women travelers.

Check out the Door Stop Alarm here!



Foldable backpack is a great travel gift for women as you never know when you’re going to need another bag, right? These lightweight backpacks can be easily folded in your suitcase and pulled out on the spur of the moment. They hold a ton, and are tear and water resistant. Super color choices to make this a fantastic gift for women travelers.

Shop for lightweight backpacks here!



Snorkel Fins that fit like a shoe. They are great for any watersport and no more wearing someone else’s fins. They float so you won’t lose them and easily fit in your suitcase. What a thoughtful travel gift for that Mediterranean beach holiday.

Check out Travel Fins here



Scarves with hidden Zipper Pocket Another unique travel gift for women that’s smart and safe. There’s a hidden inside pocket to hold your phone and passport – whatever you want to keep on your body and safe. This travel scarf comes in a variety of colors, is multi-purpose, and it’s a great cheap travel gift!



Personal Portable Safe Some of the best travel gifts for women come in the form of personal safety and security, and this is another great choice. This is a great little portable safe where you can put your phone, passport, money and credit cards in a combination lock safe. You can also attach it to a fixed object via a cable. For instance, affix it to a chair while doing laps at the local pool. You can see it and no one will take it. It’s a great way for the female traveler to keep her things safe on the road, and it’s a cheap travel gift for what it does.



Personal Alarm Keychain Another personal safety travel gift for women is this kickass panic alarm with a mega-bright LED light. It’s a great, lightweight travel gift for feeling secure when you are walking alone at night. This super loud 130dB panic siren should scare the shit out of anyone getting too close, and alerts those around you that may need help.



GoVision Apollo 1080p HD Camera Glasses for when you might want to have video or photo surveillance of any situation. I absolutely love these! These are great spy glasses that are discreet and fashionable. They have Titanium frames so they are very sturdy and light. You’ll be looking like a ‘Bond Girl’ in no time. It’s also great for female travelers who feel they are being watched or followed by someone. Never can be too safe.

Check Recording Sunglasses prices here!



Anti-Theft Messenger Bag Super cool, cross-body bag with lobster clasps, zippered interior pockets and RFID blocking pouches. Walk around freely knowing that the contents of your bag is secured. It’s a super travel gift for women travelers.

 Check the Anti-Theft Messenger bag prices here



2 in 1 Travel Pillow and Eye Mask It is much smaller than the standard travel pillows and come with a flexible, elastic band to move the pillow around to be a head rest while providing an eye mask. Easy to carry around your neck and flexible to provide comfort in any resting position. It’s a super travel gift idea for the frequent long-haul traveler.



Snookiz Microwaveable Heated Slippers Keep those traveling feet warm with a pair of microwaveable slippers. Just pop the insert into the microwave according to directions and your feet will stay warm for 30 minutes. Reusable, washable and easy to fit in your suitcase. This is a unique travel gift for women traveling to cold climes.

Check Snookiz Heated Slippers prices Here!



PortoVino Wine Tote Who wouldn’t want one of these? This wine tote is great for traveling to a beach aperitif or into a place where they’re checking your bag. Viola! You can pour 2 bottles of wine into this and have it at your disposal. It’s a super travel gift for women who love wine, and it’s  smart bag too! I might need to bulk order this item because I know a number of female travelers who would love one of these.

Get this very cool Wine Tote Here


We can’t forget the Business traveler in our life, so here are a few unique travel gifts for them.

Dot and Dot 18 Inches Packing Folder Who needs wrinkles on the road? Great way to keep your shirts looking like they’ve just come back from the cleaners and packs a lot. Perfect for the business traveler who wants to arrive and hit the ground running. And you can pack it in your carry-on.  



Shacke Pak – 4 Set Packing Cubes This is a great travel organizer with Laundry Bag – what a super gift for the frequent traveler to keep all their items organized. They are also great if you don’t want to empty your items into a hotel drawer. Plus it comes with a laundry bag to keep things separated.



Priority Pass This is my favorite Lounge access card. Priority Pass lets you into 1200 lounges worldwide and it’s a great gift for the frequent traveler. There’s nothing better than a quiet space to chill, work or enjoy a light bite before your flight.

Get the Priority Pass here!



Bric’s Leggero 21-Inch Carry-On Spinner  What a super, sophisticated Tuscan leather carry-on, produced in Italy. I love my Bric’s and it’s a great suitcase for short business or leisure travel trips. Thoughtful travel gift for the female business traveler.  



Portable RAVPower Phone Charger You can never have enough charge and this RAVPower is compact and power. Dual USB charging and works with most phones.

Get your RAVPower Charger Here



For all our friends who love the outdoors, here are some great gifts for the outdoor traveler.

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker is great for a caffein pick-me-up on the go. I know a number of people who’d love an espresso on the go and this is simply great for camping or traveling. Easy cleanup and light to carry.



SUUNTO Core Military Watch What a great gift for the outdoor traveler since it has an altimeter, barometer, compass and weather indicator. You’ll know when the sun will rise in 400 different locations!



 Leatherman Wingman multi tool – If this doesn’t let the MacGyver in you come out, nothing will! It will even open your beer! Very cool multi utensil with 21 different tools to handle about any annoying job. Just remember, you’ll have to pack this into your carry-on because it has knives.



Camper Helix Boots Camper is a great name in outdoor wear and they are from Mallorca, Spain! These are great waterproof, breathable boots for any activity. It’s a super gift for the outdoor traveler.

Get the Camper Boot Here!



Portable Blender, Ordergo USB Juicer Here a great portable blender, perfect for the outdoor traveler. It has a USB plug-in feature and can juice 20 times on one charge. Great travel gift to stay healthy on the road.



Camelbak Hydration Pack Great way to stay hydrated when you are hiking and biking. Easy to refill, easy to access and loads of straps for attaching other items.



Floating Waterproof Dry Bag Keep all your stuff dry while kayaking, rafting, boating, fishing… you name it. Great gift for the potentially clumsy outdoor traveler. Comes in various sizes, and the bright neon colors makes it easy to find when you are ‘up a creek.’



Lifestraw Water Bottle This is an award-winning, travel water bottle. Comes with a carbon-filtering system to effectively remove bacteria from stream water. Great gift for the outdoor traveler who might be in an emergency situation in need of fresh water. Chemical free and reusable.



Swagtron Swagger Foldable Electric Kick Scooter Take in the sites on this foldable, electric scooter that goes 18mph. It’s easy-to-fold design takes up no space  in your trunk and you can take it with you on the subway. And there’s an app for cruise control, your headlamp and speedometer.

Get your Swagtron Scooter Here!



Go Girl Female Urination Cup When you gotta go, you gotta go, and this just makes it all the easier. Frankly I think every woman should have one of these. I’m fed up with the bathrooms I encounter with no toilet seat or hygiene. This is a very unique gift for the female traveler.



Vaincre 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask The coolest face mask on the market with 180° view. Anti fog and anti leak with a foldable snorkel. It also has a detachable GoPro stand so you can navigate your camera hands free. Super travel gift for travelers who love beach holidays.



Microfiber towel This great microfiber towel is lightweight, easy to pack, and quick to dry. It takes up no space in your bag and you’ll never be wishing you had something to dry off with when you find a great beach.



Inflatable outdoor movie screen The perfect travel gift for movie lovers. Just blow up this screen and you’ll have friends at the campground you never know. This is a unique gift for travel lovers who enjoy film and the outdoors.



‪Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Net Man, I could have used this in Costa Rica a few years back. The bugs and mosquitoes were unbearable. This is just the ticket for the outdoor traveler, particularly one that travels in highly-infected areas where mosquitoes are a problem.

Buy Mosquito Netting Here



Scrubba washbag Keep your clothes clean on the road with this great wash bag. It’s lightweight and easy to use. These are one of the best presents for the outdoor traveler. And it’s budget friendly.



Tell us if you think there’s a great travel gift for the traveler out there that we’ve left off. And if you’ve tried any of these and what you thought. Would love to know.


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    Great info, Moe! I added a few things to my Christmas shopping, and surprisingly found out I had many of these already! Great minds think alike 😉

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      Thanks Becky. Really glad you find some of the information useful. I love all of the gifts. There are so many cool new items out there these days.

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