Protur Sa Coma Playa driveway

Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa Review

Protur Sa Coma Playa driveway

I’ve been to Majorca, Spain now seven or eight times, and all but one of those times, I’ve stayed with the same hotel chain, the Protur Hotels Group. They have 17 hotels and apart hotels with over 12,000 beds dotted around Majorca Island and Almeria, Spain. Their properties and service are top notch, and I thought I’d finally whip up a 4* Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa review to give you an idea of what to expect. I’ve stayed there enough, so it’s got be good.

This area should be on your list of places to visit when you are thinking of Things to do in Mallorca Spain.

Sa Coma Playa hotel at night

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Beaches near the Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa

Beaches near the Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa

The Check-in

I have to admit I’m usually here during a large music festival, and the sheer number of guests alone would typically challenge any front desk staff. But not here. It’s clear this highly-trained staff have their ducks in a row. Most times there were 2-3 reception staff dealing with check-ins and outs, and various guest requests. Check prices here.

check in desk at hotel

Some of the staff have been there for years and they clearly know how the process works. Christine and Eduardo are excellent staff that come to mind. The front desk works like clockwork. Hand them your passport, verify the nights you are staying and give them a credit card for ancillary charges.

They then take you through the layout of the resort, when meal times are, where the pools are, the bar, the Spa, that there’s a tourist tax per day… It’s all very efficient and does not take much time.

Lobby entrance seating Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa

The lobby is a great place to wait for friends, talk to the concierge about excursions, use the lobby computers, or sit on one of comfy chairs and read for awhile.

Just off the lobby you have the restaurant and the club/bar area that leads to the pool.

Outdoor cafe leading to the pool area

Nice place for a beverage, ice cream or a piece of cake – or when it’s raining.


You might find these guides helpful when planning your Majorca visit.


The Rooms at Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa

The rooms are well laid out with plenty of space to store your items, to move around, and to work.

There’s a double wardrobe with drawers and shelves, a shoe rack and a hanging rack for dresses. The entrance has a bench where you can rest your suitcase to get it out of the way. There are additional open cupboards just under the desk, plus an in-room safe.

Double Room Sa Coma Playa

The bed is an extra comfy double bed. It’s really quite firm which I love, and they provide you with 4 pillows as standard. I hate having 1-2 pillows and usually have to call reception for additional pillows. Not here. That’s taken care of. The extra pillows are in the wardrobe.

The a/c works wonders as the temperatures in the room can get quite hot when you arrive, and the key card cuts off all electricity unless you are in the room. But just turn on the a/c and the system works fab.

You have a small refrigerator filled with soft drinks and a few beers. There’s a kettle and coffee provided.

I swear to God parts of the room were designed by a woman. There’s a sizable mirror all along the desk, another mirror above the bench as you walk in, and yet a 3rd long mirror outside of the bathroom with an electric plug next to it. HELLO!! You can actually plug in your hair appliances outside of the humid bathroom, and actually see what you look like from head to toe!

Terrace on one of the larger double rooms

Terrace on one of the larger double rooms

The Bathroom

The bathroom is a good size with storage underneath the sink as well as some storage drawers underneath. This is super for getting your makeup off the countertop so it doesn’t get wet and it gives you more room. There’s a powerful hair dryer in there along with electrics to plug in your own if you want. AND there a magnifying mirror. HELLO. Thank you ma’am who ever decided to put that in there.


Drawers where you can put your makeup and extra stuff.

Drawers where you can put your makeup and extra stuff.


Magnifying mirror and a high-powered hair dryer

HELLO! A magnifying mirror and a good-quality hair dryer only a woman would think up!

I can’t tell you how many hotels get it wrong. They think they are doing you a favor by putting in a lovely huge mirror with scorching cam lights screaming over head. Little do they realize the lighting is so bad that it casts a shadow from the top of your head and you can’t see your face. Something as simple as the pull-out mirror fixes that. Otherwise, put lights AROUND the mirror… Hotels need to check the number of hotel nights booked by women… a majority are…

The shower has a place to put your shampoo and such. Again, thank you. The last place I stayed I had to put those on the floor and it’s annoying. Yes, the hotel offers the standard shampoo/shower gel from a squeeze bottle attached to the wall, but I don’t use shower gel on my hair and appreciate space to put my shampoo and conditioner.

Sa Coma Playa night pool

View from the balcony

The Restaurants at Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa

The Protur Sa Coma Hotel & Spa offers a variety of meal plans when you book the room. You can have simply breakfast, breakfast and dinner, or an all inclusive package.

I always take the breakfast and dinner, or 1/2 board as it’s called. The meals are offered in their main buffet restaurant and they have a different theme each evening. That’s great so you don’t get bored eating the same things night after night.

To give you an idea, booking 1/2 board on a five night reservation was only $15 more in total than the breakfast-only rate. That means $3 for an all-you-can-eat dinner! You’d be silly to not take it. Also, you don’t feel too bad if you decide to dine out a night or two in a local restaurant because you haven’t wasted that much money.

I also have to mention the staff in the restaurant are also very efficient. The restaurant can hold 400+ people at any one time. It’s a lot of work to be seating people, providing them drinks, cleaning off tables, ensuring the buffets are stocked… and again, some of the management staff have been there for years. That really goes to show how Protur treats their employees. They are there year after year.

All-Inclusive Plan is a Bargain

If you get the all-inclusive plan, it comes to about $200 more/per person for a 5-night stay versus just the breakfast-only option. Let me spell this out to you.

  • Breakfast is from 08.00 – 10.30am
  • If you don’t wake up in time, Continental Breakfast is from 10.30 – 1pm
  • Then there is Lunch from 1-3pm
  • If you skipped lunch, grab some Coffee and Pastries between 4-6:30pm
  • Then Dinner goes from 7-9:30pm/10pm in summer months
  • You can have ice cream all day long
  • You can have any kind of national and imported drinks as per the all-inclusive menu from 10a to midnight
  • Fruit from 10.30am til Midnight
  • Sandwiches late at night from 11p to 12a
  • Drink up your entire minibar (alcoholic drinks excluded)
  • Plus you can dine at any of their specialty restaurants in the evening so long as you make a reservation. Choices are: Cardamom Asian Restaurant; Country Grill; La Fontana – Italian restaurant, and Goa – their Indian Restaurant

Seriously, folks. How much food and drink can you consume in one day? And that comes to $40 a day for an all-inclusive. You cannot beat that price. That is a steal of a deal. And the choices and quality are fantastic. I have to admit I’m not a buffet lover, but the quality I’ve had at the Protur Sa Coma Playa is bar-none.

I didn’t photograph the buffet because I was there with a lot of people who know me, and I wanted to be discrete.

Sa Coma Playa desserts

Sampling of desserts from the buffet

The Facilities

Off the lobby you can head toward the open, but covered cafe area that spills out onto the pool area. There’s an adult pool and a children’s pool. Then there’s another pool that’s accessible to rooms that have patios out to it. The pools in May were still quite chilly. At least too cold for me, but there were others from the north who had no trouble jumping in.


Adult pool area at Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa

Adult pool area

Children's pool area at Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa

Children’s pool area at Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa

View from the 3rd floor down to the pool where rooms have direct access.

View from the 3rd floor down to the pool where rooms have patios with direct access.

The Spa

Given the Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa’s location near the Protur Biomar Spa, you can take advantage of the spa facilities, literally a 20-second walk out the back door.

The Spa is in a separate building between the two hotels. For $13 per person, you can enjoy the hydrothermal circuit at the Biomar Spa, that has more than 37,000 sq ft of facilities dedicated to relaxation and wellness. You can enjoy a variety of treatments such as facials, body massages, scrubs, peels, manicures, pedicures, body balance…. you name it. Refer to their brochure for more details. I have only had a massage there, and it was well worth the price.

Sports Facilities

Whether you are into tennis, golf, cycling, Nordic walking, yoga, aqua-gym, squash, ping pong, volleyball, skating, archery – this can all be arranged through the Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa. I mean, seriously, whatever your sports passion is, they can accommodate it. They offer many of these sports onsite; others they can easily arrange for you.

Right out in front of the hotel is the Punta de n’Amer nature park. This lovely nature reserve between Sa Coma and Cala Millor is rugged, a bit scrubby, a bit barren, but filled with lovely flowers, sea views and a small castle. It’s a great place to wander around and lose yourself in nature.

Colors of Mallorca


The Sa Coma area was developed in the 1980s to address the tourist demands. You’ll find supermarkets, shops, and restaurants literally just outside the Sa Coma Playa resort.

Bikes in front of a shop in Sa Coma

Bikes to Rent in Sa Coma

The nearest beach is a 10 minute walk away where you’ll find nearly 3000 feet of white, sandy beaches flanked by pine trees. The seafront has a lovely promenade, there’s a workout space and restaurants with views over the beach and sea.

Walking the promenade, you find the villages of S’Illot to the south and Cala Millor to the north. Both are well worth exploring.

You’ll find this area attracts lots of Brits and Germans, and when there’s an important football (soccer) game on, you’ll think you are in England or Germany. Take that for what it’s worth. And the restaurants cater to those market as well.

That said, if you are looking for an authentic Spanish feel, this area, and many of these developments are not it. They were developed for tourism and that’s what you get. If you want a more Spanish feel, then go inland.

View from my balcony at Sa Coma Playa toward the 5* Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa

View from my balcony at Sa Coma Playa toward the 5* Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa

Another area of Mallorca I visited recently that you may be interested in, is Alcudia.

Extra Touches

Another great option is that you can use your room card to pay for food and drinks at the neighboring 5*Protur Biomar Hotel & Spa, literally connected to the hotel via a walkway that goes past the Spa.

The hotel gives you a paying card, as well as your room key. It’s very handy if you don’t want to schlep your wallet around. There’s a nice poolside restaurant at the 5*Protur, and if you want, you can use their pools as well.

I’ve stayed at the 5*Protur Biomar previously, but many of us who’ve stayed in the 4* Protur Sa Coma Playa say we actually prefer the 4*. There’s something about it – something more personal.

5* Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa swim-up bar

5* Protur Biomar Gran Hotel & Spa swim-up bar

Room costs

I actually booked the hotel directly through the Protur website because there was no availability on the standard hotel booking engines, and this was a last minute decision. Any rate, my 5-night stay was about $550.00, which isn’t bad when you consider 1/2 board and all the facilities that are included. It would not have been much more if there were two of us.

On top of that there is the standard Balearic Tourist Tax which ranges from $1.20 to $4.50 depending on the class of hotel, plus 10% VAT. I paid $3.70 per night, so $18.50 in tourist tax for my stay.

Do I Recommend the Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa

Double thumbs up here! If you are looking to book a vacation in eastern Majorca, I hope this Protur Sa Coma Playa Hotel & Spa review has given you enough information to make this hotel the obvious choice. Check prices and information here. 

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  1. I’ve not been to Majorca nor ever been interested in all inclusive hotels but I must say this does look lovely, and good value too!
    Will have to keep it in mind

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I agree. I’m not one for all inclusives either. The restaurants in the neighborhood really cater to tourists, and the dining options at the hotel are quite surprising. The location near the sea and park make it a perfect spot to explore.

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