Images of Sicily

These are some select images of Sicily I took this summer. I had a fantastic time touring Catania, Taormina, Cefalu and the Aeolian Islands. This is some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen. I took the opportunity to tour Catania with a good friend who showed me the ins and outs, and wrote an article about tips for visiting and exploring Catania. I took The Godfather Tour which, for me as an American, where The Godfather films have been in existence forever, was a real treat. If you are in Mazzaro at the Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay just below Taormina, you can take a beautiful private boat tour with Alex to see the grottos and nearby bays. Why not consider taking a Sicilian Cooking course in Taormina like I did? I’ve compiled some good information about Taormina. How to get to there and when to visit.

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Images of Sicily

One of the highlights was taking a boat to other side of Stromboli to see the volcano in action. If you’ve ever done this boat trip, you’ll know how hot the air is as you approach the steamy side of Stromboli. I absolutely could not believe that people live on the opposite side of this island. But the way the volcano pours down the other side, the residents are not concerned. It was great to see the brief eruptions, and was really glad to not be any closer than I was.

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The waters around Cefalu on the northern side of Sicily are some of the clearest with spectacular rugged terrain, and keep a look out for my post coming soon on the Aeolian islands. I use Lipari as my base for exploring a few of these amazing islands.

Sicilian chocolate brioche

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