Hotel Kalura Cefalù Sicily Review

If you are planning a vacation on Sicily, consider spending a few days in the northern, costal town of Cefalu. But book early because hotels in Cefalu Italy fill up fast. While there are not many hotels IN Cefalu Sicily, many are already full for the summer months.

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When I say, ‘hotel’, I mean hotel. Not a condo, nor an apartment, which you will find plenty of. I mean a traditional hotel with full-on services. If you are looking for Cefalu Sicily hotels, one excellent choice in Cefalu is Hotel Kalura Cefalu. This is one of the luxury hotels in Cefalu Sicily you will be glad you booked. 

Hotel Kalura Cefalu Sicily Location

Hotel Kalura Cefalu Sicily Location

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I had just finished a lengthy, relaxing stay on the Aeolian Islands where I booked a self-catered apartment and I was looking for a more luxurious hotel accommodation in Cefalu for my last weekend in Sicily.

It needed to have that chilled, beachfront vibe going, and I wanted to stay away from the main beach in Cefalu. I wasn’t keen on the hotels Cefalu offers in town as it would be just too busy for me. I wanted to be on Kalura beach but near Cefalu town. Hotel Kalura Cefalu Sicily did not disappoint. Ironically, I booked in June and just a few days before arrival – I lucked out in even getting a hotel in Cefalu.

There is plenty to do if you are visiting Cefalu with kids, and be sure to make Cefalu part of your northern Sicily itinerary. There are so many great places to see. 

But check out my Travel Resources to see what I use to book hotels and travel.

You might enjoy this book for navigating Sicily. This will give you information on what to do in Cefalu, where to stay in Cefalu Sicily and answer your question, “Is Cefalu worth visiting?” It is, and you’ll find more info in this guide.

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Review of Kalura Hotel Sicily 

Exterior of Hotel Kalura Cefalu Sicily - Cefalu accommodation

The stunning luscious grounds of Hotel Kalura Sicily right on the sea

Hotel Kalura Cefalu grounds- accommodation in Cefalu Sicily

Beautiful ground Hotel Kalura Cefalu – one of the best beachfront hotels Cefalu has

First Impressions of Hotel Kalura Cefalu

The first thing you notice when you arrive is how lush the surroundings are. Hotel Kalura is among mature trees and well-manicured hedges and plants. It feels very calm and serene. When I first looked at the hotel from the outside, I was not that impressed. You find the main entrance, but from that side, you don’t see the sea. There was a long path leading away from the main door and I would have to explore what was beyond after check in.

Parking and arrival at Hotel Kalura

The hotel has ample free parking for those with cars. I took a city bus a short distance from the Cefalu train station directly to the hotel. Hotel Kalura also offers transfer services for a fee from Palermo, Catania and Trapani if you are flying into one of those airports.

Hotel Kalura Cefalu main entrance - Hotel Cefalu Sicily

Main entrance of Cefalu Hotel Kalura

Check-in at Hotel Kalura Cefalu

The reception desk and lobby areas were a different story and quite a surprise. For as bland as the exterior looked, the lobby was something else. There is a variety of really unique, colorful art all over the walls. It kind of had a feel like the owner had traveled a lot and was displaying all his souvenirs on the walls. It was very tastefully done, but so diverse it definitely kept you looking around. The lobby area is very spacious and a nice place to just sit and read or observe. There is a gift store in the lobby with wines and other local items.

Check-in was quick with 2 staff members attending guests. I had already paid for my stay online so I simply provided my passport, put a credit card on file for extras, and signed the check-in form. They explained the layout of the hotel, the time for breakfast and dinner, and I was off to my room in about 10 minutes.


Check-in desk at Hotel Kalura Cefalu Sicily accommodation

Check-in desk at Hotel Kalura Cefalu Sicily

Kalura hotel Cefalu artwork

Various pieces of art hang from the ceiling and walls

Hotel Kalura Cefalu Sicily Etna Mural

Painting of Etna on the walls

Gift shop at the Hotel Kalura Sicily

Gift shop Hotel Kalura Cefalu

Accommodation at Hotel Kalura

There are just over 80 rooms at Hotel Kalura and many have sea views. I had a very modern, double room with a terrace that overlooked the garden areas. It was nice to have a bit of green in front of me, which meant that no one was looking in my room. The mattress was firm, which I loved. The bathroom was ultra modern with an overhead shower, decent soap and amenities, and plush towels. The room was spacious, very clean and modern. There were two extra chairs, a small table and plenty of plugs for my phone and what-not. I was quite surprised because you never know if you get 4*s when you book 4*s or an exaggerated 3*. This was on the mark. They have a variety of singles and doubles with or without sea view, family rooms, studios and apartments.

Hotel Kalura Cefalu Double Room

Very comfortable, spacious, modern double bedroom at Hotel Kalura Cefalu

Modern shower at Hotel Kalura Cefalu Sicily

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Breakfast and Dining Rooms

For a hotel with just over 80 rooms, you won’t be tripping over other guests in the dining room. They have nearly 3000 ft of dining space. It’s like everyone in the hotel can eat at the same time. They have an indoor dining room that spills out onto their lovely spacious, seaview terrace. This is the area with the ‘wow factor.’ The dining room is great for breakfast and lunch because that’s the side the sun is on, and the terrace heats up quickly.

Breakfast is a buffet split into a number of stations. This is great because you are not standing in line with others to grab breakfast. There were plenty of hot and cold items to choose from. You will not go hungry here. A couple mornings I woke up earlier than breakfast started, but they had coffee, croissants and fruit ready for the early risers. Very accommodating.

The stunning outdoor dining area at Kalura Cefalu Sicily - best beachfront hotel in Cefalu

Bar and dining terrace at the beachfront accommodation Cefalu Hotel Kalura

Hotel Kalura Cefalu Panorama Terrace - Kalura beach

Breakfast on the seaview Panorama terrace

Beautiful terraces at Hotel Kalura Cefalu right on Kalura beach

One of the best luxury hotels in Cefalu Sicily

The staff at Hotel Kalura were extremely professional

Service was impeccable at Hotel Kalura’s Panorama Restaurant

low-light dinner on the terrace at Hotel Kalura Cefalu

The dinner ambiance. They also have a piano player on some nights.

Elegant Dining

Dinners feel very elegant here. The evenings were humid, and many were dining inside in the air conditioning. But dining on the open-air terrace was a real pleasure. That sea view of La Caldura Bay is just magnificent. Staff are well-dressed and well-trained and the restaurant offered lots of reasonably-priced, tasty Sicilian specialties. You can request 1/2 board with your booking, which means breakfast and dinner included, but I went al a carte.

I did feel a bit strange dining alone because all the other tables were either couples or families. Thankfully, the waiters kept me company with a bit of chat as they were doing their service. It’s definitely a lovely place for a romantic dinner as the sun goes down. Twice a week they have a piano player which added nicely to the atmosphere.

The restaurant at Hotel Kalura serves local Sicilian specialties - one of the best restaurants in Cefalu

Spaghetti with fresh clams and a glass of crisp, white wine. What more could you ask for?

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Sports Facilities at Hotel Kalura

You will find plenty to keep you entertained at Hotel Kalura Cefalu in the sports department. They have an 82-ft swimming pool to use if swimming in the sea is not your thing. Otherwise, head down seaside and grab one of the free lounge chairs and umbrellas where you can take a dip as you wish. There’s also a sandy beach area next to it, if you prefer to walk into the water versus jumping straight in.

The outdoor pool at Hotel Kalura Cefalu

25 meter swimming pool at Hotel Kalura

Beautiful beach area and crystal waters off hotel kalura - the best beachfront hotel in Cefalu

Swimming at Hotel Kalura Cefalu

Unique landscape and architecture at Hotel Kalura Cefalu

Luxury beachfront hotel in Cefalu – Hotel Kalura

If you are interested in scuba diving, Sicilia Divers has a center right on the property offering training courses and dive trips to some local spots. There’s also table tennis, basketball, or maybe you’d like to take a beginner’s yoga class. They offer a lot to do.

This hotel is set in the mountainous, ‘Madonie’ area, and within view of the city’s famous mountain, called the Rocca. This can be explored by foot, by bike or driving. You can also arrange to visit the Aeolian islands which are only 1.5 hrs away.

The famous La Rocca in Cefalu as seen from Hotel Kalura property

The symbol of Cefalu, La Rocca mountain is great for hiking

One afternoon, the staff were preparing an aperitif pool side. Nice for afternoon glass of champagne, wine or Aperol-spritz. Otherwise, grab something from the pool bar.

Friendly Hotel Kalura staff

Staff Preparing apero at Hotel Kalura Cefalu Italy

Prices at Hotel Kalura Cefalu

I’ve seen prices for a double room for summer from $185 and up, and $103 for a single room with breakfast included. They also have studios with sea views that are in a separate building and I’ve seen their prices from $277 for two people.

With the virus, Hotel Kalura, like many hotels are offering free cancellation if you cancel 3 days before arrival. Great way to book a super hotel with the ability to cancel if you need to.

Going to Cefalu town and beyond

There is a city bus just by the street entrance of the hotel that will take you into Cefalu town in about 10 minutes. Otherwise you can walk it in about 25 minutes.

To be honest, I was really happy to just chill here and would have enjoyed a few more days.

Hotel Kalura Cefalu Sicily is probably one of the best hotels in Cefalu Sicily. As I mentioned, there are not many Cefalu hotels, let alone Cefalu hotels on the beach.

Their address is Via Vincenzo Cavallaro 13, Cefalù Italia. Enjoy!

Sunrises are beautiful at Hotel Kalura Cefalu Sicily

Sunrises are beautiful at Hotel Kalura

The main photo at the top is © Hotel Kalura Cefalu Sicily


Hotel Kalura Cefalu Sicily terrace

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  1. Although this is the first time I’ve heard about Cefalu, your post inspired me to add it to my bucket list, Maureen! Plus, this hotel seems perfect for staying there. How many days would be enough to explore Cefalu?

    1. Hi Lydia, thanks for stopping by. I’d say if you can do a 3-night stay that would be good. You can spend one lounging around the hotel and beach area, another to explore Cefalu town and another to hike up to the temple and surrounding area. That hotel is lovely, but may appear a bit out of the way, because it’s not in the center of Cefalu, but I loved the location.

  2. Stunning pictures! A few friends have recently returned from Sicily and they’ve been raving about it so much that my partner and I are planning to book a trip over Christmas! Thanks for this rec, the hotel looks perfect and I’m bookmarking it for our when we book!

  3. The hotel looks nice. Why is it not too many hotel around? Is it because of space?

  4. Oh, that seaside terrace in the first photo is just divine! I could seriously sit out there with a bottle of wine from sunset to sunrise!

  5. The colour of the sea is such as amazing, blue like never seen before. We love those photos. We really like your post and we are thinking about this place. Thank you!

  6. I return each year to Sicily for the summer! I loved the Aeolian Islands (we stayed on Lipari). Hotel Kalura looks so pretty and I can imagine having an al fresco breakfast on that lovely terrace and enjoying the views! This is truly a great choice!

    1. I loved being there. The staff were super and the accommodation was great. It was scorching hot on that terrace and I was struggling to drink warm coffee with all that heat. The beach area is magnificent!

  7. How did you ever manage to drag yourself away from that patio? Just wow.

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