Exterior of the Church of Sant Jaume in Alcudia Mallorca

Top Alcudia Majorca Things to Do 2021

Exterior of the Church of Sant Jaume in Alcudia Mallorca

A recent trip to Alcudia Majorca was quite a pleasant surprise for me. I’d been to Alcudia in the past, but only for a quick day trip when I was attending the Mallorca Smooth Jazz Festival on another part of the island.

We arrived by bus and only had a couple of hours to explore and have lunch. Clearly I was dipping into the tapas and not exploring…  This time, I decided to spend a few days here to give you an idea of Alcudia Majorca things to do. There’s plenty for singles, couples and families.

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Quaint piazza in Alcudia Majorca

Piazza with restaurants in Alcudia Old Town


Alcudia Old Town, Port of Alcudia and Platja d’Alcudia

The first thing to consider when planning a vacation to Alcudia Majorca is where you want to be. That may sound stupid, but I wasn’t aware of the distances, nor that there were four distinct areas to this whole area that’s called Alcudia.

Map of Alcudia Old town, Alcudia Port and Alcudia beach area

Areas of Alcudia Majorca ©OnTheWorldMap.com

There is Alcudia Old Town that dates back to the 8th century BC, which is a lovely historic village surrounded by well-maintained, ancient ramparts. It’s a sleepy village most of the time, except when it isn’t high season or market day. There are around 20,000 people in and outside of the ramparts.

Then there is the Port of Alcudia, which is around 1.5 miles south of Alcudia Old Town. This is a great place to stay if you are a ‘yachtie’ who loves the buzz of a harbor, or if you plan to take one of the Majorca ferries to another island. Or you might plan to sail around Mallorca from here. From Alcudia you can travel via ferry to Barcelona, Mahon and Ciutadella Minorca, as well as Toulon France.

And then there’s the Platja d’Alcudia, or the Alcudia beach area. This, too, is 1.5 km from Alcudia Old Town, but further south of the Port of Alcudia. Mind you, there are over 18 MILES of beach! So if you think you’ll plop yourself down on the beach and simply walk to town, think again… I was just north of the lake in the picture above, and it took me a good 35-45 minutes to walk to Alcudia Old Town.

Then there are various residential districts dotted in between all the above.

Beach and sun loungers in Alcudia Mallorca

Beach and sun loungers on Alcudia Beach Majorca. The Port of Alcudia is on the other side.

Where is Alcudia Majorca?

Alcudia is located in the northeast of Majorca, about 35 miles from the capital, Palma. If you are driving to Alcudia from Palma, it won’t take long, but if you are taking a bus transfer, it will take an hour to get to the top of the beach area, closest to the port.

Map of where Alcudia is in Majorca


Alcudia Majorca Weather

As is typical, the hottest month in Alcudia is August, but it’s not scorching. The average temp is around 77°F or 25°C. The coolest months in Alcudia are January and February, where you are looking at 48°F / 9°C. August also has the hottest water temp at 79°F / 26°C.

There are 11 hours of sunlight in July, and the wettest month is October, so plan accordingly. I’ve been to Majorca six times in April/May and I can tell you there are quite a few cold/wet days near the east coast of Sa Coma. The weather can be unpredictable… and the winds can be ferocious.

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Things to Do In Alcudia Majorca

As I mentioned, Alcudia Majorca is not large, but there’s enough to keep you entertained for a few days to a week depending on the type of traveler you are. A quick list of alcudia things to do is:

Visit Alducia Old Town

First up, if you are a history buff, you need to spend time visiting Alcudia Old Town. I really enjoyed strolling the pedestrian streets, particularly when it was not market day. It’s so quiet and the light is just beautiful. The Gothic and Renaissance structures are well maintained, and you can get a feel for how life looked back in the 1300s.

Traditional street in Alcudia Majorca

Traditional street in Alcudia Majorca

It was King James II of Mallorca who had the initial walls built around Alcudia to protect the city, and in the 1600s another wall was built. Today you can walk parts of the ramparts and have amazing views over the Old Town and neighboring countryside.

In 1974, Alcúdia became an Artistic Historial Site and is one the best preserved walled towns on Majorca.

Stop by the Alcudia Tourism Office and check to see if they have the audioguide tours where you can walk around and listen to commentary about the different areas and sites of the Old Town.

Medieval Rampart Walls in Alcudia Majorca

Medieval Rampart Walls in Alcudia Majorca

Lovely street leading up to Sant Jaume Church

Enjoy Market Day Alcudia on Tuesday and Sunday

If you love a good, buzzing market, you won’t be disappointed. On Tuesdays and Sundays you find Alcudia Market days. The market has been in existence since the 1300s! On Market Day, the town is heaving with locals and bus loads of tourists. It’s a major tourist attraction in that part of Majorca bringing in folks from all over.

Map showing the location of Alcudia Market

The main market is located in Place de Carles V, but most of the stores bring out their racks onto the pedestrian streets to take part. It’s like the whole village has become a market and it can be quite challenging to navigate the crowds.

Streets of Alcudia are full on market day

You’ll find lovely, reasonably-priced fruits and vegetables, cheeses and sausage, clothing, handmade jewelry, items made of cork, and you can smell fresh leather even before you see the handbag stall! There are still traditional donut makers frying up dollops of dough that then get sprinkled with sugar.

Local donuts being fried at the market in Alcudia


Cork purses and handmade jewelry in Alcudia Market

Jewelry and items made of cork at the Alcudia Market

Head to HidroPark, Alcudia’s Waterpark

This 40,000 sq meter water park is the only one in the north of Majorca. HidroPark Alcudia a great day out for everyone – not just for kids.  There are 11 different water parks, pools and slides, and five different restaurants here. You can easily spend the whole day. It’s located near Alcudia Port and beach area, and you can easily walk there depending on where you stay. Adult tickets are around $25 and $17 for children.

Visit a Winery near Alcudia and have a Wine Tasting

There are a variety of wineries near Alcudia where you can tour the vineyard and sample some of the local bacchus. And they all are less than an hour from Alcudia.

Wineries Map near Alcudia

List of wineries near Alcudia Majorca

Google Map Data ©2019 Inst. Geogr Nacional

Bodegas Xaloc is located in Pollença and is run by Christine Schallock since the 1990’s. She produces wine using Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah for the red, and Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc for the white. You’ll find many of her wines in some of the finest restaurants in Majorca, as well as Germany and Switzerland. Plus they ship worldwide.

Can Axartell is a unique Majorcan winery located in the southern Pollença valley. Their wines are organic and use a gentle gravitational winemaking method. No mechanical pumps are used. They harvest grape varieties that have been on Majorca for hundreds of years. Their white grapes are: Premsal, Giró Ros, Argamussa and Valent Blanc, and the red are varieties of Callet, Manto Negre, Escursac, Gorgollassa and Giró Negre.

Bodegas Can Vidalet is located in the foothills of the Tramontana, a bit west of Xaloc in Pollença. It’s run by a German businessman from Hamburg, who also likes his gin. Here you’ll find select wines and artisanal gin! This winery/distillery has been around since 1996. During the tasting, you can simply sample three wines, have wines with snacks, or have a gin tasting. All reasonably priced.

Vinyes Mortitx is a little further west of Can Vidalet located 390 meters above sea level in the heart of the Tramontana Mountains. You’ll find 19 hectares of vines where they produce 100,000 bottles of red, white, rose, and a sweet wine. They use a hardy Malvasia white grape that can sustain the strong winds and cooler temps, and the red wine is from Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.

Take a Boat Trip from Alcudia

If you head to Alcudia port, you can get ferry tickets to go to Minorca for the day. In as little as 1.5 hours you can discover Ciutadella Minorca, or take other excursions around the island. A ferry trip is a great way to see Majorca from a different perspective. You can go dolphin watching, take a tour of Cap de Formentor or just cruise around the island.

Sea Adventure Boat

Take a Guided tour by Bus or little Train

Tour Alcudia by little train

The little train tour of Alcudia

You can take the Ting Ting Train Alcudia around the Port and the beach areas. I didn’t take it, but I’m sure it’s less expensive than the guided bus tour below. Either ask the driver for information or stop by any number of tourist or ticket booking kiosks that are dotted around. The trains were quite frequent and seemed like a lovely way to tour around.

Alcudia guided tour by bus

The Alcudia City Tour takes you around Alcudia Old Town, the Port of Alcudia and all the way down to the end of the beach area at Can Picafort. Tickets are around $18 for adults and $9 for children for a tour that last 1.5 hrs.


Things to see in Alcudia

Whether you are interested in history, gastronomy, culture or live events, there is plenty to see in Alcudia Old Town such as:

Sant Jaume’s Catholic Church

The wonderful Alcudia Catholic church was first built in the mid 1300s under King James’ rule, but heavy rains brought it down in the late 1870s. I told you Majorca’s weather can be quite shite!

Any rate, the ‘newly rebuilt’ neo-Gothic church was completed in 1893. Stop in and take a look.

Sant Jaume Church in Alcudia

Sant Jaume Church in Alcudia

The Alcudia Wall Gates

There are three gates flanking the Old town, and they are really quite cool architectural structures. The Gate names are the Porta del Moll (also called, Xara), Porta de Mallorca (or Sant Sebastià), and the Porta de la Vila Roja.

As I mentioned above, King James II had the first set of walls and gates built around Alcudia in the 1300s, and they are well maintained today.

Xara Gate Alcudia

Xara Gate Alcudia

Back side of Porta de Sant Sebastià in Alcudia Mallorca

Backside of Porta de Sant Sebastia Alcudia on Market Day

The Ruins of the Roman City of Pollentia

The Romans arrived in the 1st century BC and laid the foundations for the town of Pollentia. Pollentia had a strategic position on the isthmus between the two bays of Pollença and Alcúdia. Great for keeping an eye on your enemy…as you do!

Roman Ruins of Pollentia

Roman city of Pollentia © Viagallica

The Romans brought the Latin language to the island, and a new political and social order. It was a bustling urban area for around 3 centuries that even had its own Roman Theatre, which was only privy to towns of a certain stature.

You’ll find ruins of temples, houses, and the Forum. Tickets cost around $4.50 and it’s well worth the ticket price.

The Plaza de Toros or the Bullfighting Ring

The Plaza de Toros was built 135 years ago, but ceased operating as a bullfighting ring a good couple of years ago.

Plaza de Toros Alcudia

The bullfighting ring in Alcudia

You can wander around and tour the ring for a simple $2.25 and the ticket price includes a free drink. But for an extra special treat, you can book the…

Flamenco Show in Alcudia at the Plaza de Toros

Nowadays, the Plaza de Toros is used for Flamenco shows. They have a variety of shows during the day for around $10.50, and there are evening shows in the summer months for the same price. It’s a great way to experience traditional, intense Flamenco in an unforgettable setting.

Beaches of Alcudia

You can’t head to Alcudia without hitting the beaches. As I mentioned, there are 18 miles of beaches along Alcudia, and there are hotels and restaurants all along the route.

The beaches are very clean, well maintained with thatched umbrellas and lounge chairs. There are numerous restaurants right on the sand, next to the walking path that goes all the way to the Port of Alcudia. I could have just chilled here for a week alone.

Lovely long beach in Alcudia

The great thing is that the beaches and water are perfect for children as there is a gradual decline. You can wade for quite a distance, so it’s super for puttering around in shallow water. Great for kids of all ages.

Sunloungers on Alcudia Beach

Sunloungers on Alcudia Beach

Alcudia is Great for Families, Couples and Singles

You can easily spend your holidays to Alcudia Majorca just sitting near the beach, devouring the history and culture, hopping on the occasional guided tour, munching on tapas, or going to the waterpark with your children.

Couples can simply chill by the beach. The Port’s nightlife is sophisticated, and the quaint old town is downright romantic.

And it’s the same for single travelers. If you are someone who easily meets and interacts with people, you’ll have no trouble. I found the locals to be very accommodating, willing to chat to take up some of the time, and very willing to give you advice on what to see and do. The restaurant staff were quite efficient. This is a great ‘all around’ type of place to vacation.

Dining in Alcudia Old Town

Dining in Alcudia Old Town

Take the Ferry From Alcudia

There is a main ferry port in the Port d’Alcudia. You can get ferries to Barcelona, Minorca and Toulon, France. You can also arrange around-the-island tours from the same area.

If you want to take a ferry from Mallorca to other parts of Spain, head down to Palma where you can catch the ferry to Barcelona and Valencia. Palma is also the main cruise ship hub.

Corsica Ferries to Toulon

Corsica Ferries to Toulon from Alcudia ©Corsica Ferries

Where to Stay in Alcudia

There is no shortage of accommodation in Alcudia, but again you should decide what type of vacation you want.

The more sophisticated and pricier hotels were in Alcudia Old Town and near Port d’Alcudia. You have to remember that Alcudia Old Town is quiet at night – it will have a more romantic feel if you want solitude.

The Port d’Alcudia has a more luxurious feel with a decent amount of night life that you’d expect near an area with luxury boats.

The cheap accommodation in Alcudia is clearly along the stretches of beach area. These cater to those wanting package holidays to Alcudia Majorca, families and typically offer breakfast or 1/2 board. You’ll find plenty of all inclusive hotels and there’s no shortage of accommodation in Alcudia Majorca in this beach area.

Hotels in Alcudia

I booked a junior suite that sleeps 4 at the 4* Melia Sol Center for a whopping $50 a night. The Sol by Melia Alcudia is very economical if you are a family of 4, or couples who get along. It had a fridge, microwave, extra sink and a kettle for your coffee. Plus the hotel had a Spar grocery store attached to it so you could get your sundries easily.

If you are looking for five star hotels in Alcudia Majorca there are not too many to choose from. There are two 5* hotels near Alcudia Port. You have the 5* Zafiro Palace Alcudia and the 5* Caprice Alcudia Port. The Caprice Hotel is nearer to the beach. Then you have the 5* Iberostar Selection Playa de Muro Village at the way south end of the beach area. Further south, near the Parc Natural s’Albufera de Mallorca  you have the 5* Grupotel Park Natural and Spa. Just down the road you’ll find the 5* Be Live Collection Palace de Muro.

Check Alcudia Accommodation Prices.

Interior of the Junior Suite at the Sol Melia Alcudia Beach

My Junior Suite at Sol Melia Center in Alcudia for $50 a night and sleeps 4!

If you want to stay in a hotel on the beach area, but don’t want to inundated with clown and circus shows in your hotel, then look at the Adult-only hotel options. There are plenty, and for good reason. Sorry to say, but this is what I prefer.

Where I stayed, there were kids running the corridors, the evening entertainment was based on children activities, and there was a decent amount of noise in the early morning as families were already up and raring to go. God, let me sleep…

If all-inclusive hotels in Alcudia are your thing, there is plenty of this as well. There are a variety of apartments to rent as well.

Have a great trip and let me know your thoughts.

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